Obama’s Energy Power Grab


The president and his environmental technocrats move to put a stranglehold on the nation’s energy use.

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Al-Qaeda In-Fighting


The terrorist organization’s former spokesman criticizes high ranking members — are they losing morale?

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Liberals Give ‘Til It Hurts (You)


Republican leaders give huge portions of their income to charity, while Democrats give practically nothing — including Obama.

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Slamming Israel for Christmas


The World Council of Churches celebrates an anti-Israel Christmas.

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Saving the Constitution


Can fiat governing ever be reversed?

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The Wars of 2011

Mideast Israel Palestinians

Israel must be prepared for two things this upcoming year: A missile war with Hamas and a political war with Fatah.

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How to Make Islam Respectable


The ten things Muslims can do to earn respect for their religion.

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When Cooling Becomes Warming


The Left desperately attempts to revive global warming alarmism in the midst of one of the coldest winters on record.

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The Purging of Marty Peretz


Another witch-hunt of an individual who failed to toe the Party Line.

Standing Up for America


A new book restores faith in American exceptionalism.