Abortionist Hangs His Shingle Next to Pediatrician

It is mind-boggling that even the infamous late-term abortionist, Martin Haskell, would have the gall to plant one of his bloody mills within spitting distance of a group of dedicated child healers – even sharing a driveway, parking area, and sign. And with each practice’s door – dividing the fates of Southwest Ohio’s tiniest and [...]

Sometimes an Argument Can Be Correct And Still Not Be the Best Argument to Make

Yesterday Zombie published a must-read post titled The Five Best Arguments Against Sharia in the United States. There’s truth in advertising in that headline. Zombie really does nail it.


Islam denigrates women in nearly every way possible. All those who are appeasing, defending, apologizing for or otherwise enabling Islam are endangering all the world’s women.

Time Magazine’s Joe Klein Sums Up 2010 As Not Much – A More Accurate Description Of His Own Opinions

My namesake Joe Klein wrote in his latest Time Magazine column that nothing much happened in 2010. If he meant to say that the progressives did not achieve their agenda of fundamentally transforming America into a European-style democratic socialist welfare state, I think he is right. But in this case less is more.

Sacred War, Holy War: The Secret Combination of Islam and Communism

Sacred war. The term is a relatively recent one, and no coincidence if you’ve been a careful observer of communism’s growing alliance with Islam. Our communist enemies will gladly achieve with jihad what they failed to achieve with a Cold War.

Is It Time To Use The “T” Word To Describe The Obama Administration?

I’ve been calling Obama and his left-wing allies in Congress Democrat Socialists for two years, now, because that is what so many of them are. Is it time to start openly describing this administration as tyrannical?

The Sin of Dissent: How Marty Peretz Could Have Saved the Center-Left That Purged Him

Now reviled as a “bigot” and a “racist,” Peretz’s fall from leftist grace has picked up considerable momentum because of Peretz’s public recognition of two things: that Obama’s election was bad for Israel, and that the Palestinians are not ready for statehood, nor desiring of peace.

Annie Got a Gun for Christmas

Gun stores saw a spike in sales this Christmas season. Has the surge brought in scores of militant rednecks? Actually, no. But women are buying guns in increasing numbers.

King Harry Decrees: Democrats Lost the Election, So Now They’re Planning to Stage a Coup in the Senate

Following in the footsteps of former Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson, the Chicago Daleys, and Boss Tweed, Reid is now scheming to deliver a final insult to the American people who repudiated his party’s extreme leftist agenda in November.

Michael Vick Is A-OK; So Saith President Obama

But Michael Vick? Really? There’s something absurd about Obama using this particular case to take a stand.