The Net Neutrality Power Grab


Why do so many socialists and anti-free speech advocates also support the new federal Internet regulations?

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The Decay of the Kennedy Kingdom


A symbol of liberalism’s decline.

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The New Totalitarians


The progressives who will not rest until they have made a shambles of the world we would have preferred to live in.

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Al Qaeda Female Suicide Killer?


Or her father’s victim?

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A New Year of Republican Mistakes


Predictions on the political road ahead.

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Al Qaeda’s New Stronghold


Terror networks in Yemen now poses the greatest threat to the U.S.

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Free or Fair Trade?


How might life look under a regime of fairness of religion, speech and the press?

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Peter King Under Fire for Taking on Radical Islam in America


The NY congressman faces a vicious smear campaign over his plan to hold hearings on Muslim extremism.

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Israel’s Israel-Bashing Left


An enemy of Israel grows from within.

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Crackdown in Belarus


The Lukashenko government declares the time of “senseless democracy” is over.

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