When Did “ObamaCare” Become a Slur?


What the bill represents is the real problem, not the name.

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Saudi Arabia: The Next Capital of Islamic Feminism?


King Abdullah has made some economic concessions, but will he consider political, legal, and human rights reforms?

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Unions and the Divorcing of Reward from Merit


The damage wrought by the Left’s “self-esteem” movement.

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Misdirected Palestinian Rage


A political demonstration keeps Palestinians focused on the wrong issues.

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Palestinian Authority insults the US – and no one says a word

The Palestinian Authority is officially calling the United States an “obstacle to peace.” It is saying that the US – a nation that has worked harder than any other to bring about peace, a nation that brokered Camp David – cannot be an honest broker in negotiations. Whether you agree or disagree with the present administration, this press release is an unacceptable slap in the face of the world’s superpower by an entity that cannot conceive of the idea of compromise for peace.

Yet the US has not said a word in response.

Live and Let Die

APTOPIX Italy G8 Summit

The shamefulness of the Obama administration’s inaction on Libya.

UCLA Daily Bruin Prints Center’s “Wall of Lies”


Exposing the lies Palestinians have aimed at Israel with the intention of destroying the Jewish state.

Rocket Attack Shakes Israel


As “democracy movements” in the region surge, so does terrorism against the Jewish State.

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Obama’s Wishful Thinking


Seeing followers of Thomas Jefferson where followers of Sayyid Qutb are far more numerous.

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Qaddafi and Ortega: Brotherhood of Blood

Ortega Gaddafi

Nicaragua’s President leads the Latin American Left in expressing “his solidarity” with the Libyan dictator.

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