NATO Naiveté


A regime change through words?

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York University on Trial for Legitimizing Anti-Semitic Environment


Sammy Katz’s attorney blasts the university’s hypocrisy and double standards in refusing to protect Jewish students on campus.

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Born-Again Leftist Hawks


The mental contortions used to justify Libya by the vocal critics of Iraq.

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Anti-Israel Agitprop on the Silver Screen


A new film “Miral” twists history and facts to demonize the Jewish State.

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Florida Follows Wisconsin’s Lead


Public employee union coffers are dealt a serious blow.

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Obama and Thought Control


What the administration’s catch phrases are really meant to achieve.

Four Middle Eastern Upheavals


On all fronts, Islamists have an opportunity to expand their power.

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An Apology from Barack Obama


A much needed statement to his predecessor the president will never deliver.

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Bill Kristol Drinks the Kool Aid

The Obama Doctrine, “responsibility to protect,” which means a license to invade another country not in self-defense but to enforce some vague “humanitarian” standard is a blank check for imperial intervention anywhere and everywhere.

The Libyan Muddle


Obama’s confused speech sheds little light on America’s incoherent intervention.

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