The Sewer That Is Palestine

The logo of Palestinian writers’ union includes rifle over map that erases Israe

Raped and Ransacked in the Muslim World

Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini: "When I want a concubine, I go to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her"

Plundering the possessions, lives, and dignity of Christians in the Islamic world: is this a random affair, a product of the West’s favorite offenders—poverty, ignorance, grievance—or is it systematic, complete with ideological backing? Consider the very latest from the Muslim world: Pakistan: Muslim landowners used tractors to plough over a Christian cemetery in order to […]

The Totalitarians Within


How unscrupulous Muslims at UCLA used “Islamophobia” to silence critics of Islamic terror and extort the student body in the process.

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Al-Qaeda on the Move in Yemen


The terrorist group seizes towns as the country falls into civil war.

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The Indiscreet Tweeter, Anthony Weiner


Even if the Democratic congressman did send x-rated tweets, he won’t suffer the same fate as Republican Chris Lee.

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Primetime Propaganda


The true Hollywood story of how the Left took over your TV.

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On Celebrating the Death of Evil People


Why celebrating the death of bin Laden is a moral imperative.

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Equating Anti-Semitism with ‘Islamophobia’


European Jewish and Muslim leaders sign a declaration confusing the Jewish and Muslim experience in Europe.

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Understanding Obama’s Disdain for Israel


The underlying rational — and lessons learned from Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

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Islamic Schools of Child Sexual Abuse


The horrific world of Islamic madrassas — and who pays for them.

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