Demonic — Coulter’s Valentine to the Left


I have just finished Ann Coulter’s Demonic. I encourage you to beg, buy, borrow or steal this book. At last we have a conservative narrative that not only nails but also encompasses the left, totalitarian bombers and liberal fellow-travelers, exposes its love of violence, its witch-hunting mentality, its rampant hypocrisy, and destructive nihilism, and puts […]

Egypt: Desire for Money—Jizya—Prompts Attacks on Christians


If growing numbers of Muslims in Egypt have an intrinsic hatred for all things Christian—most recently demonstrated by the torching of eight Christian homes on the rumor that a church was being built—let us not forget that this hate has instrumental, that is, economic benefits: the extortion of money from the non-believer—tribute from the conquered […]

Muslim Brotherhood Shadow Candidate Surges in Egypt


The populous speaks.

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Flotilla II: The Merchant Ships of Hamas Propaganda


Why do so many Gaza “humanitarians” have ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood?

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How Billionaire George Gund III Funds Jew-Hate


The former San Jose Sharks owner funneled over half a million to radical groups.

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Running Scared on Same-Sex Marriage


Why the argument for same-sex marriage is actually more dangerous than same-sex marriage itself.

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Don’t Worry, Be Muslim


And if you can’t, then beware.

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On Economy, Reagan Gets No Credit, Obama Gets No Blame


Left-wing economists scramble to salvage their failed philosophy.

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Forbidden Territories


Pierre Rehov’s new social network sets out to battle Muslim propaganda.

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How Islamic Absurdities Prove Islamic Violence


What is the significance of Muhammad commanding a woman to breastfeed a grown man?

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