Obama’s “Green Jobs” Hoax


Efforts to create large numbers of “green jobs” have had disastrous economic repercussions wherever they have been implemented, most notably in Spain, Italy, Germany, and Denmark. But President Obama and the American Left are unfazed by the empirical evidence.

The Center for American Progress’s Jewish Conspiracy Theory


Think Progress’s report on “Islamophobia” depicts Jews as the villains. What does this say about the Democratic Party?

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Lockerbie Bomber Betrayal


Gratitude for American assistance seems to have evaporated even before the guns have gone silent.

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Booting Melson Won’t Contain Gunwalker Scandal


Only whistle-blower fired, while major players transfered, with some seemingly promoted.

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The Rise of Islamic No-Go Zones


Europe is occupied territory.

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The Truthophobes


Would top Islamic clerics agree with Fear Inc.’s presentation of Islam?

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The Secret Deals of the Gulf War


A classified archive stolen from the Kremlin sheds disturbing new light on the Arab revolutions in the Middle East.

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Screw Up, Move Up, Cover Up: The Fast and Furious Edition


A deadly botched program earns “reassignments” for scandal bureaucrats.

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Where Are Qaddafi and His Sons?


Libyan rebels consider Algeria’s welcoming of Qaddafi family an act of aggression.

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The Hypocrisy of the Israeli Left


Palestinian intransigence cannot be laid at the feet of the Israeli Right.

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