Germany: Israel’s Most Important EU Ally


The nation that perpetrated the Holocaust is now Israel’s best friend in Europe.

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Crazy U


One dad’s crash course in getting his kid into college.

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Supporting Al Qaeda, in a NYC Borough


Aiming to restore the Islamic caliphate, the New York-based Muslim Thinkers Society advocates the extermination of “the Zionist Roaches” by means of a second “Holocaust right on the soil of Israel.”

Liberating Libya for Jihadists


Reports surface of al-Qaeda-linked Islamists in control of former Gaddafi strongholds.

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Shilling for Shariah


What will the United States look like if the Muslim Brotherhood succeeds in implementing its “project”?

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‘I’ve Got…Islamophobia!’


I keep fantasizing that Muslims are shooting rockets at me from Gaza.

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Full Black


The bestselling thriller writer discusses terrorism, political correctness, and Hollywood.

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Krugman Fails Climate Science 101


An embarrassing attempt at environmental journalism.

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Race and Economics


Why, during times of gross racial discrimination, were blacks more likely to be employed and were more active in the labor force?

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Israel — an Apartheid State?


Of the world’s many great lies, this is among the greatest.

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