Obama: Regulations Are Mere Rumors


Don’t believe what you hear, urges the president.

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Housing Market Outrage


America is left with infuriating choices.

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The Lone Wolf Jihad


The administration continues to ignore the jihadi elephant in the room.

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Cleaning the Air by Redistributing Wealth


Asserting that “humanity has created” global warming, the Copenhagen Climate Council says it is “beyond reasonable scientific doubt” that the high level of atmospheric CO2 is “caused primarily by greenhouse gases which are emitted by the burning of fossil fuels.” To remedy the problem, the Council advocates a globalized wealth-redistribution plan.

Silencing Critics of Islamic Extremism


Why Think Progress’s report on “Islamophobia” is an act of bigotry.

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Lights Out for Al Qaeda’s Number Two


The biggest blow to the terrorist group since the killing of bin Laden.

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Gaddafi’s Weapons for Sale


Into whose hands will the dictator’s stockpile of deadly weapons fall?

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Bringing Jihad TV to America


A mysterious group fights for a 24-hour anti-Israel propaganda organ on college campuses.

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Israeli leftists can’t decide whether to hate Glenn Beck more for his love of Israel or for his love of America.

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An Unusual Economy?


Or unusually bad leadership?

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