The Ground Zero Mosque: Moving Forward


Under the radar, scheming on the mega-mosque continues.

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The Lost Art of Speaking Clearly


Why we may never again have truly great speakers in our midst.

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Joey Vento: An Assimilation Warrior


America loses a fierce critic of multi-culti tyranny.

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The Marxist Roots of Feminism


Why angry leftist politics are more dear to the heart of feminism than the treatment of women.

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Wind Power Is Dying


Nation after nation has given up on the potential of wind energy.

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The Islamic Supremacist Propaganda Machine Cranks Out Another “Islamophobia” Report


Response to a Witch Hunt

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Reading Between The Lines

When reading Western reports dealing with Islam, one must learn to read between the lines.  Many of these reports do state the actual facts; but without providing proper context, Western readers are often left to interpret the information according to their own understandings. One example: the ubiquitous term “sectarian strife” to describe Muslim-Christian clashes in […]



In 1989, the Ayatollah Khomeni, ruler of Islamic Iran issued a fatwa calling on all Muslims worldwide to murder the novelist Salman Rushdie for insulting the Prophet Muhammad and Islam. Rushdie’s crime? Blasphemy or Islamophobia. Since then we have seen worldwide violent Muslim protests over cartoons, blasphemy laws in Europe, prosecutions of notable opponents of Islamic terror like Oriana Fallaci and Geert Wilders and the demonization of courageous opponents of Islamic imperialism and terror in the West.


Islamophobia pamphlet cover July 29 small file

Think Progress issues a slanderous report on “Islamophobia” designed to silence critics of Islamic terror.

Campus Freedom, AAUP-Style

Campus Freedom, AAUP-Style Posted by KC Johnson The American Association of University Professors has now issued its final report on “Ensuring Academic Freedom in Politically Controversial Academic Personnel groups.”) The basic principle is as unobjectionable as it is admirable: professors should not be hired, fired, or disciplined on the basis of their political beliefs. Yet […]