Democracy Versus Mob Rule


Taxpayers should demand their money back for the public schools that produced Occupy Wall Street protesters.

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Tibetan Buddhist Monks Set Themselves on Fire to Protest Chinese Oppression


Left ignores attempted suicides of Vietnam War-era tactic they once admired.

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Obama Holds Netanyahu at ‘Gunpoint’

U.S. President Obama and Israel's PM Netanyahu meet in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

The intense pressure is pushing Israel into self-destruction.

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The Cuban Missile Crisis Myth: 49 Years Later


Remembering JFK’s betrayal of Cuba’s freedom-fighters.

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Join the Jamie Glazov Show, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 8-9pm Pacific

Frontpage editor’s new blog talk radio program hosts Andrew Klavan, Nonie Darwish and Robert Spencer.

Left’s Reaction to Obama’s Iraq Surrender: Triumphalism and Hate


Progressives’ fondest wish comes true.

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Glenn Beck Confirms for Restoration Weekend!


The titan joins an all-star cast in Palm Beach Florida, November 17th–20th.

Podcast Interview With David Horowitz


The Freedom Center’s president discusses his new book, A Point in Time.

Oslo’s Epidemic of Rape


How Norway’s multicultural policies are putting women at risk.

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Gifts for Terrorists: Your Tax Dollars at Work


U.S. taxpayers underwrite cash and cell phones for terrorists released in the Gilad Shalit exchange.

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