Bye Bye, Barney


After three decades in Congress, Rep. Barney Frank, the very embodiment of modern leftism, has announced that he will retire after completing his current term.

The Islamic Republic’s Warning to the West


Iranians storm British Embassy in Tehran.

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The Dangers of Democracy


What “freedom” means to the Muslim world.

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Pakistan to Blame for NATO Airstrike


How much longer until counter-terrorism cooperation ceases altogether?

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Battleground Wisconsin


Another recall battle looms in the Badger State.

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Iran Behind Katyushas in Galilee?


Connecting the booms in the Middle East.

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The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Kill the Jews” Election Platform


In a foretaste of Islamist rule, thousands gather to denounce the “treacherous Jews.”

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The Reign in Spain


The socialists are out. What lies ahead?

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Voices of Palestine: Abdallah Jarbu

Abdallah Jarbu small

Palestinian “minister of religious endowments” begs Allah to “annihilate” the Jewish “bacteria.”

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Obama’s Cloud-Based Transparency


The president’s campaign promise has fallen short — to say the least.

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