How to Break the Partisan Fever


Where did the animosity all begin?

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The Political Persecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff


One counter-jihadist’s fight to preserve the dwindling principle of free speech in Europe.

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Listen to Nonie Darwish and Raymond Ibrahim on The Jamie Glazov Show

Two leading scholars of Islam appear on Frontpage’s blog talk radio program.

Dick Morris | Restoration Weekend 2011

Glenn Beck | Restoration Weekend 2011

Decline of the West: Rise of the Rest

Arab Spring, Muslim Winter

What About Moderate Muslims?

Herman Cain | Restoration Weekend 2011

Rejecting Capitalism, on Religious Grounds


The Catholic Worker Movement condemns capitalism for “pitting owners against workers,” “widening the gap between rich and poor,” and infecting the human heart with “spiritual destitution.”