Egypt’s Defining Period Begins


The elections the Muslim Brotherhood has waited for since 1928.

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‘Homeland’ Beats ‘All-American Muslim’


Sugarcoating Islam doesn’t cut it for audiences.

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2011 Restoration Weekend Photo Album


The 10th year anniversary of Restoration Weekend at the Breakers in West Palm Beach.

The UN’s International Day of Solidarity Against the Jews


How US taxpayers fund the Palestinians’ anti-Semitic propaganda.

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A Bailout Monstrosity


Why the financial industry isn’t any more secure than before the meltdown.

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Union Gangsters: Heather Booth


Obama mentor who longed to violently “wipe out” those who stood in the way of the socialist Utopia.

Why You Should Quit College


Get a job, hippies.

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Deadly ‘Diversity’


Police in a Western European capital admit they have “lost the city” to marauding immigrants.

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The Illogic of Anti-Capital Punishment Arguments


The notion that parking tickets deter illegal parking but that death does not deter murder is truly irrational.

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Israel: Lion or Lamb?

An Israeli soldier places a national flag on grave of a fallen comrade in Jerusalem

A military analyst looks at reality and perception for Israel.

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