Striking Iran and the Myth of Regional War


Fear of a large-scale conflict is the only card the Mullahs have to play — and the West is falling for it.

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Genocidal Liberalism: The University’s Jihad Against Israel & Jews


Dr. Richard Cravatts’ new book explores the growing Israel-hatred and covert anti-Semitism on college campuses.

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Islamic ‘Honor’ Murder and Leftist Silence


Frontpage Editor speaks on the Unholy Alliance to Newport Harbor Republican Women.

Romney’s Night, but Tug-of-War Awaits


Momentum trends show Santorum, Gingrich still in the game.

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Bailout for OWS?


Corporate funders come to the failing anti-capitalist movement’s rescue.

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Making Military Families Pay


While Obama’s union allies are spared health care budget cuts.

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Killing for the Qur’an — on The Glazov Gang


Andrew Klavan, Evan Sayet and Eric Allen Bell discuss Muslim murderous rage in Afghanistan on Frontpage’s television program.

Tawriya: Islamic Doctrine of ‘Creative Lying’


A brand of Islamic deception known by few in the West — and more widespread than most realize.

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Why Is Obama in Bed with the Muslim Brotherhood?


The Unholy Alliance on full display.

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My Dinner with Mustafa and Marwan


When Palestinian leaders feast — while imploring their people to starve.

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