Interfaith Against ‘Islamophobia’


D.C. Church holds event with the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Society of North America.

Reining In Obama’s Big Labor Activists


Private companies rejoice at high court’s ruling on the president’s unconstitutional recess appointments.

The Freedomfighter


If “gunfighter” now means fighting guns, then does freedomfighter now mean fighting freedom?

Arab Rage, Unrest and Anti-Americanism Is Nothing New


The truth about the so-called “Arab Spring.”

What’s Next for Israel?


Post-election factions must align to minimize damage from the Obama administration.

How the Left Thinks


Deconstructing Obama’s second inaugural address.

Study Shows Occupy Wall Street was the 1 Percent

Wait... isn't that Cannibalism?

More than a third of activists in the Occupy movement in New York City had household incomes above $100,000. 76 percent had a college degree and 39 percent had graduate degrees.

Obama Claims Adding 11 Million Low-Skilled Workers Will Strengthen the Middle Class


“It’s really important for us to remember our history. Unless you’re one of the first Americans, a Native American, you came from someplace else. Somebody brought you.”

Genocidal Muslim Sudan Elected VP of Top UN Human Rights Body


The Obama Administration has been surprsingly silent on today’s vote. By contrast, in 2004, the U.S. ambassador famously walked out of ECOSOC after Sudan was elected.

Israel, Hamas and Gay Rights: Who Are the Real “Pinkwashers”?


It speaks volumes about the real agenda of the left that fighting Islamic terrorism is a dealbreaker but killing gay people isn’t.