Obama and Marx’s Ten-Point Platform (Part I)


Just a coincidence?

Divided Egypt Puts Christians in the Crosshairs

Picture 7

Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim discusses the deadly situation with Pat Robertson.

Boko Haram: Terrorists With or Without Designation


Why does the Obama administration refuse to call the jihadist group what it is?

CAIR Allies Slam NYPD Chief as Possible DHS Pick

Ray Kelly

Too tough on terror for Islamists and their collaborators.

So Long, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


A look back at the Iranian president’s legacy of fanaticism and Jew hatred.

Crony Capitalism at the IRS


The taxpayer-dollar spigot is open.

Obama: If There Were More Gov Workers, Deficit Would be Lower, Tax Revenues Would be Higher


Maybe instead of asking for his birth certificate, we should have been asking for his first grade math scores.

Hillary to Receive “Patriot” Award in Ronald Reagan Building for “Defending Our Nation”

hillary clinton poster

Giving Hillary a Patriot award in the Ronald Reagan building is like giving Polio an award in the Jonas Salk building.

Global Warming Orchestra Travels North to Play for Glacier


Tree Hugging is so 1980s. Get ready for Glacier Hugging.

Is Egypt the Next Syria? Qaradawi Calls on Muslims around the World to Wage Jihad in Egypt


Several Egyptian religious authorities have expressed surprise at Qaradawi’s reckless call for jihad in Egypt