Speechwriter: Obama Didn’t Lie About ObamaCare, He Just Didn’t Understand How It Worked

obama liar

It’s not like he occupies some important responsible position

More Conservatives than Liberals Belong to Mixed-Race Families

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The states with the highest rates of interracial marriage are red states,

Maine Court says Banning Men from Using the Ladies Room is Discrimination


It would be illegal for a restaurant to prohibit a man from using the women’s bathroom

Burqa Thug: “Why Are You Inviting Naked Women in the Mosque?”


Radicalization is really active religiosity as opposed to secularism or religious apathy.

What “The Race” Really Wants

La Raza

A look at the radical roots and the revolutionary agendas of the largest Hispanic immigrant-rights organization in America.

SodaStream and the Absurdity of BDS


Imagine a campaign whose sole purpose is to force black people and white people to stop interacting.

De Blasio Time: NYC School Cancels Gifted Classes Over Lack of Diversity


“Classes will be grouped to reflect the diversity of our student body.”

Majority of Uninsured Say ObamaCare has Made Things Worse

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Helping the uninsured was the original mandate for ObamaCare.

Cameras Capture the Moment Working Class Americans Realize How Much ObamaCare Hurts Them


ObamaCare means higher premiums, higher deductibles and higher co-pays



The perpetrators are progressives; the victims are poor, mainly black and Hispanic children.