Finally The Day Has Arrived When Nancy Pelosi Loses Her Speaker’s Gavel And The Constitution Is Taken Seriously In The Peoples’ House

Today is finally the day that Nancy Pelosi loses her Speaker’s gavel. But she hasn’t gone quietly. She has been engaging in a massive public relations campaign to re-write her dismal record with outright lies.

Repealing The Job Killing Obamacare

With one simple stroke, Representative Eric Cantor (R-Va) has introduced for consideration by the new House of Representatives a 250 word bill repealing the 2000 + page Obamacare law. The bill’s title says it all – the ‘‘Repealing the Job Killing Health Care Law Act.”

Filibustering Prevents Freedom Busting

With the start of the new year, the Left is determined to make good on at least one of its New Year resolutions – going after the Senate filibuster.

Time Magazine’s Joe Klein Sums Up 2010 As Not Much – A More Accurate Description Of His Own Opinions

My namesake Joe Klein wrote in his latest Time Magazine column that nothing much happened in 2010. If he meant to say that the progressives did not achieve their agenda of fundamentally transforming America into a European-style democratic socialist welfare state, I think he is right. But in this case less is more.

The UN: Liberty’s Enemy

Top Six Reasons That The United Nations Is A Menace To World Peace and Freedom

Mayor Bloomberg’s Snow Job

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has experienced this week his own Katrina-BP oil spill disaster management moment.

Obamacare Regulators Are Getting Ready To Pull the Plug On Grandma

The Obama administration will ensure that doctors will be incentivized to badger Grandma year after year whether she wants to pull the plug rather than seek treatment if and when she becomes seriously ill.

Durban 3 – Kick This Horror Show Rerun Out Of New York

The United Nations General Assembly stayed in session until 4 in the morning to vote 104 to 22, with 33 abstaining, to hold a “Durban 3 ” World Conference Against Racism summit in New York, on September 21, 2011.

The UN: Liberty’s Enemy

Top Six Reasons That The United Nations Is A Menace To World Peace and Freedom

Obama’s Hollow Halo and Hollow Victories

As if surrounded by a halo of his own making, President Obama boasted during his year-end press conference yesterday that Congress had its “most productive post-election period” in decades