Brainwashing Kids About Guns


How the Left is undermining support for the Second Amendment in k-12 public education.

Notes Toward Winning the Culture War

ATS Hollywood sign

How conservatives can win the future.

Oliver Stone’s “Untold History” Comes to an End


Spoiler alert – America is to blame for everything.

Kirsten Powers, the Last Liberal


The Democratic pundit stands up for true liberalism.

“The Americans” – Rooting for the KGB?


A new TV drama is surprisingly pro-American.

Demonizing America’s Mainstream Right

Picture 10

A West Point think tank targets “violent” anti-government sentiment.

CBS News Director: Obama Must Go for the Throat


The Left exposes its ruthlessness.

Afghan Catastrophe Under Obama


Why the silence about 72% of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan occurring during this administration?

Oliver Stone: America Is a ‘Fascist Force’


Michael Kazin’s interview with Stone and Kuznick reveals the camp in which the whole Left resides.

Suppressing Zero Dark Thirty


The party of censorship is pulling out all the stops.