Ramadan Ding-Dong


Why Obama’s Ramadan address is divorced from reality.

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The People v. The Democratic Party


Putting the Left on trial.

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Holocaust Survivors as Villains: The Self-Hatred of the Jewish Left


Shocking belittlement of “conniving” Jews at the left-wing Tablet magazine.

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The Left Can’t Bring Itself to Celebrate America


Refuting the hate-America rhetoric.

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Muslim Congressman: Islam in America Must Not Retreat


A Muslim-American leader preaches defiance and resistance.

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Mr. X and the New Cold War


Who will shape our “Cold War” policy against Islam?

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U.N. Me: New Documentary Not to Be Missed


A gripping exposé of the revered body’s corruption and uselessness.

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Drawing the Line Against Jihad


The Infidel takes the fight to those who had a good day on 9/11.

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‘Color Purple’ Author Censors Herself to Punish Israel


Alice Walker calls Israel’s policies worse than South African apartheid.

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MSNBC Host on the War on Terror: America Needed a Racial Enemy


Melissa Harris-Perry argues that 9/11 gave the U.S. the opportunity to wreak violence against an imaginary adversary.

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