Mubarak Near Death as Crisis Deepens in Egypt


As former president fades, wishful hopes for democracy in the country are also clinging to life.

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Islamists, Military on a Collision Course in Egypt


Muslim Brotherhood weighs its options after having power snatched from its grasp.

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Russia, U.S. Lock Horns Over Syria


As the conflict escalates, chances of Western intervention rise substantially.

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Greek Socialists Rage over Spain Bailout


Far-left threatens to derail the stability of the euro-zone.

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The Left’s ‘Blood For Oil’ Fraud


After nearly a decade, the full bankruptcy of the leftist conspiracy theory is finally unfolding.

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Mubarak Verdict Roils Egyptian Election


Islamists, secularists rush to exploit the angry crowd.

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Houla Massacre a Game Changer in Syria


Remaining Assad allies become uneasy.

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Angry Senate Votes to Cut Aid to Pakistan


A sea change in congressional support for a duplicitous ally?

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Greece and the Last Gasp of European Fiscal Sanity


Beleaguered country on its way out of the euro-zone?

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Damascus Bombings Bring Civil War Closer


Out of options in Syria.

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