Florida and Oklahoma Vote for Freedom


Anti-Sharia laws continue to spread throughout the nation.

U.S. Army Equates Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity with al-Qaeda and Hamas


All in a day’s work in the Obama administration.

The Spiritual Journey of Magdi Allam


The highest-profile convert to Roman Catholicism in recent memory leaves the Catholic Church. What drove him away?

Why I Am Not a CPAC Conservative


Defenders of free speech and equality before the law find themselves without a place under the right-wing tent.

Will Pope Francis Challenge Muslim Persecution of Christians?


Jorge Bergoglio assumes the papal throne at a perilous time for Christendom.

John Kerry Learns from the Enemy


But not the lesson he should be learning: how to defeat him.

A Call to Islam in the Arizona Senate

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Announces Educational Initiative

Hamas-linked CAIR gets a platform.

Israel and the Ever-Elusive Muslim Unity


Ahmadinejad’s visit to Egypt shows again why the Muslim world will never be united — except in hatred of Israel.

Egypt: Free People Not Going Quietly Into the Sharia Night


The demonstrations continue; where is Obama?

Boston Globe Instigates Robert Spencer Speech Cancelation


Catholic Diocese capitulates to Islamic supremacists and leftist media.