What Would Obama Do If Ebola Came from Israel?

APphoto_Mideast Emirates Dubai Ebola

Flight bans and double standards.

All of Jerusalem Belongs to the State of Israel

Old City from the Mount of the Olives

Building in the holy city prompts threats from the Obama administration.

PR Agency Proclaims: Israel Is Controversial, Muslim Brotherhood Is Not


The bigotry and double standards of one of the nation’s leading PR firms.

Daniel Pearl’s Family Stands Against Anti-Semitism at the Met


Protests kick off against the pro-terrorist opera, “The Death of Klinghoffer.”

Ze’ev Jabotinsky to Benjamin Netanyahu On Hamas


Words of wisdom on the crucial task of protecting the Jewish State.

Obama Without a Strategy


While Americans have their heads chopped off, the Radical-in-Chief has no plan in place.

Hypocrite Warren Buffett Uses Canada as a Tax Shelter


Taking advantage of tax loopholes while promoting tax hikes on those beneath him.

Support Heroic Police Officers


New York City returns to the bad old days.

The Question of Netanyahu’s Vision


What is the endgame of the operation in Gaza?

Obama Has No Right to Punish Israel


The most hostile U.S. president the Jewish State has faced in modern times.