Yearning for a Holocaust

MSA student boasts she supports extermination of Jews.

Social Justice Scam

An academic program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill illustrates the difference between education and indoctrination.

Arizona Legislature Passes Bill to Curb ‘Chauvanism’ in Ethnic Studies Programs

The Arizona Legislature sent Gov. Jan Brewer a bill Thursday that would ban ethnic studies programs in the state that critics say currently advocate separatism and racial preferences.

Teach Social Justice- Or Else

Educators seek to measure teacher candidates’ commitment to “social justice” with a litmus-test.

“The Only Work I Can Get Here Involves Diversity Programs”

An administrator objects to racially-charged programs on campus.

Duke rape policy: If you’re perceived as “powerful,” it wasn’t consensual

Duke University’s new sexual misconduct policy can render a student guilty of non-consensual sex simply because he or she is considered “powerful” on campus.

When Free Speech Wins

Is Robert Spencer’s lecture at Florida State a sign of things to come?…

Hate and Free Speech at Wisconsin

A student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Madison drew an unusual and alarming advertising request for its online edition.

Victory for Free Speech at Duke; Pro-Life Group’s Rights Restored

Duke University has reversed a decision by its Women’s Center that prohibited the Duke Students for Life (DSFL) student group from holding a discussion on student motherhood at a Women’s Center venue during the group’s “Week for Life” event.

Bias, Barriers, or Biology?

Is it a problem that fewer women major in math and science?