Barack and Teddy


Obama has many of Roosevelt’s worst instincts and policies.

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$57 Billion Security Failure


The Transportation Security Administration is letting down the millions who fly.

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Electric Car Promise “Undoable”


The Energy Department plays politics; says more than 1 million electric cars in U.S. by 2015.

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Climategate 2


The truth cannot be contained.

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Playing Fast and Furious with Drugs

Barack Obama

President Obama is aggravating the drug shortage.

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Secretary Chu’s Quirky Ideas


If at first you don’t succeed, try something quite odd.

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Union Siphons Dues from Medicaid


Taking money from low-income families who are taking care of their disabled children.

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$1 Billion for New Health Care Jobs


ObamaCare seeks more participants’ involvement in Medicare and Medicaid.

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Poor Get Richer, Rich Get Poorer


Why class distinctions are practically meaningless.

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Liberal Media Brainwashing


If the public doesn’t know the facts, how can elections be fair?

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