Islamophilia, Not Islamophobia, is the Problem

The uncritical, uninformed, absolute defense of Islam has to end.

Editors' note: The following is artist Bosch Fawstin's introduction to his new book on Islamophiles, which he has titled Islam Bitches, "as they deserve no respect and full mockery for aiding and abetting an enemy ideology in wartime." Click here to get the book, and meanwhile, check out its intro below:

We’re often told, by Muslims and by non-Muslims with a severe case of Islamophilia, that “Islamophobia” is the problem, post-9/11. “Islamophobia.” What a word. Its World War Two equivalent would have been Naziphobia. The best quote I’ve read on “Islamophobia”, and often misattributed to Christopher Hitchens, is from Andrew Cummins, who wrote, “Islamophobia. A word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.”

To claim that there is some kind of inherent “irrational fear” of Islam within us, independent of what Islam is and what Muslims do, is irrational. To push this myth of “Islamophobia”, one would need to ignore the unignorable and devastating fact that 230,000+ human beings have been murdered in the name of Islam since 9/11/01, that 10,000+ were murdered in 2019, and that 5,271 human beings have been murdered in 2020 so far, with no slowdown during the coronavirus pandemic. (see It’s callous and evil to continue to peddle the lie of “Islamophobia” as Islam, through its most devout followers, continues its carnage across the world. It’s the global defense of Islam, the praise of this violent religion as the very meaning of “peace” that’s the problem, not the well-earned criticism coming its way that’s made out to be “hateful”, when there’s No hate like Islamic hate.

The Islamic enemy doesn’t have a propaganda minister like Joseph Goebbels because they have Islam bitches across the West who talk up Islam for free. The “moral” imperative for the immoral Islam bitch is to make sure that no one thinks ill of Islam, and to make Islam out to be peaceful, no matter the mountains of evidence against it.

These Islam bitches are such irrational cowards that they stay completely clear from studying what Islam actually is, lest they might be tempted to be critical of it. So they knowingly remain ignorant in order to stop themselves from saying anything “negative”/true about Islam. But even though they avoid studying Islam, they know enough, by merely observing aspects of reality, that Islam is up to no good, and they knowingly say things about it that they know not to be true. And these rat bastards need to be exposed and mocked incessantly, and that’s what this book does. I drew Mohammad as a 1970’s era pimp 67 times in this book, with 67 different outfits made up of bell bottoms and big collars and platform shoes, to introduce each Islam bitch in a mocking manner.

This book is probably the most fun I’ve ever had working on one of my projects, as well as the most infuriating, because it reminded me how long the Western disease of Islamophilia has been around, and how far removed we are from ridding ourselves of it and ending the Islamic threat once and for all, which we desperately need to do, especially in a nuclear age. These Islamophiles -- which is too respectful a term for these sellouts, which is why I prefer to call them Islam bitches -- need to be mocked and shamed, whenever their praise for this evil religion rears its ugly head. That would do wonders towards making them think twice about praising beliefs that are antithetical to everything they purport to value, and which gives the Islamic enemy aid and comfort during wartime.


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