Kamala Marx

Kamala Harris appeals to her Marxist supporters on election eve.

Kamala Harris, on the eve of the election, released a short campaign video, not as a “dog whistle” to leftists, but as a bullhorn to them about how she’s a full-blown Marxist and that they should vote for her, even if Biden is the purported nominee. She also played the race card in her video, which she’s used her entire career. The other day, Harris tried to do what she often does, and cackle her way out of answering uncomfortable questions. In this particular case, she was asked whether her ideas are socialist. But after her cackle died down, and it appeared that the interviewer was not swayed from her usual dirty trick, Harris said in her worst nasally, whiny voice, that she’s a woman of color, etc.

Harris knows that there are still too many Americans in America who love America, despite the left’s gains, and that she can’t yet come out as the full-blown Marxist that she is, and have a chance at winning. But to those who pay attention, she answered the question that she was asked in that interview, in her new video, by calling for equality, not of opportunity, but of outcome. She basically tells her fellow Marxists that she and Biden are going to put them in position to succeed like other successful Americans, overlooking the fact that truly successful Americans don’t need politicians. Some Americans simply won’t do what is necessary to succeed, and no campaign video can change that. But no matter how many examples one can point to that belie leftist myths, they keep peddling them, aggressively, as lies must be peddled aggressively, all in order to gain political power, for themselves, and over others.

Whatever our backgrounds, there are countless stories of American individuals of all races achieving great success without the “help” of any rotten power hungry politicians like Kamala Marx.


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