The Institution of Marriage is Under Mortal Attack

The onslaught of "progressive" ideas - and their devastating consequences.

Author's note: Below is the "Afterword" of my book, Tovim Ha-Shenayim: A Study of the Role and Nature of Man and Woman, published In 2014 by Kodesh Press. It's a concise but comprehensive analysis of not just what Man and Woman are, but WHY they are, and why God made them that way. The book's ten chapters are filled with primary Torah sources in the original Hebrew and Aramaic, translated to English, and explained in plain language that everyone can understand. The link to the free download is here. You can purchase a hard copy from Kodesh Press here. You can support the publisher and this work by writing to me at If there is significant support, I will be able to translate the book to Hebrew and disseminate it in Israel at no cost.
The Afterword serves as an introduction for why this book is needed today more than ever before.


The institution of marriage is under mortal attack from all sides in our generation. There are those who attack the basic notion of marriage consisting of a union between a man and a woman, thereby relegating marriage to little more than a profane relationship whose main purpose is to receive tax benefits.

There are those who openly scorn the concept of marriage altogether. They claim that two people who “love” one another can live together indefinitely and even raise a family together without consecrating the relationship and assuming the various risks and responsibilities that come with that.

Others of this ilk see marriage as a threat to one's “independence” and “freedom”. If they could write their own Torah – and surely they think they could vastly improve on it – the verse would read “One is better than two, unless the one receives a great deal more in the bargain.”

Still others view marriage as a relationship of convenience, and therefore a relationship to be terminated when it is no longer convenient, or when a more tantalizing opportunity presents itself.

As the foundations of marriage have been attacked, the foundations of family life have been altered to suit the whims of “progressives”. Why should children require both a father and a mother? Why not two of one and none of the other? Why not simply a single mother who retains her “freedom” and “independence”?

It is interesting that those who wax self-righteous about a woman's right to this or that have no moral qualms about bringing a child into the world merely to satisfy the motherly urges of a woman without providing the child any possibility of having a father or any say in the matter. This is progress.

Essentially, every “alternative lifestyle” is glorified and respected, whereas that boring lifestyle that God created and designated as His will for Mankind is forced to retreat and give room in the name of openness and “progress”. One who has principles – aside from the principle to have no principles – is blasphemed. Tolerance and openness do not extend to those who endorse God's will. Those who reject God's will can get anyway with anything.

It should come as no surprise that this breakdown in marriage and family life has created a society in which children have little respect for their parents, scorn authority, reject discipline, mock tradition, and have no concept of altruism. What should come as a surprise is that many people do not consider these to be problems, and even those who do often fail to make the connection.

Much of the Jewish world – including those who are Torah-observant to a significant degree – has fallen prey to this onslaught of ideas and its devastating consequences. We have collectively been dragged down by the rest of the world, and have lost sight of our calling to educate and guide the nations toward God's will.

Most of the ideas in this book are fundamental to all of humanity. I hope they are embraced by my people and by the gentiles to create a more stable, peaceful, happy, and – most importantly – truly God-fearing world. A society with healthy family units, built based on God's architectural design, will be successful and content. Let us embrace the wisdom of the Torah, and proclaim it without shame to all who may be receptive.

May we merit to witness a healing in our communities and in the world at large.

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