Petraeus’s Great Task


How the general can win the war in Afghanistan.

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Extremist Conference in Chicago


Islamic radical group Hizb ut-Tahrir to hold second event on July 11.

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Liberalism’s Threat to American Judaism


Rabbi Byron L. Sherwin explains why voting Democrat is an act of self-destruction for the American Jew.

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Shooting The Messenger


Leftist rabbis attack Charles Jacobs for pointing out the Islamic radicals in their midst.

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Hellhound on His Trail


A new book brings the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. to life in stunning detail.

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Arms Liberty at Last


Guns: Not just for criminals anymore.

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CLS v. Martinez: A Curious and Mistaken Decision

The Supreme Court rules against the free association rights of Christian students.

Abetting Terrorism = “Free Speech”?


The Supreme Court rejects the Left’s claim that aid to terror groups should be permitted if it’s intended for “peaceful” purposes.

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The U.S. Department of Illegal Alien Labor


Will Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis enforce our labor laws or pursue her amnesty agenda?

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Rabbi of Hate


Michael Lerner chastises Obama for losing his progressive purity.

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