The 3 Take Home Points on McChrystal and the Skunks at Rolling Stone

Y’all know the drill. When the story first broke regarding General Stanley McChrystal supposedly “committing an act of insubordination” by trashing President Obama to Rolling Stone magazine, the conventional wisdom was to say that “he should be fired”. Well, then, after reading Michael Rulle’s excellent article titled, “Has Anyone Actually Read the Rolling Stone [...]

Hindu Honor Killings Post Challenged by Hindu Human Rights Activists

Tell the truth—get in trouble. This always happens, there are no exceptions. And we wonder why so many people avoid telling the truth and why people can no longer recognize the truth when they see it?
Earlier today, I published a piece about Hindu honor killings.  Yes, they are committed in India, not in the [...]

A Moron From the New York Times – He Came, He Saw, He Misunderstood

Robert Wright’s idiocy is truly a sight to behold.  For those of you who don’t know who he is (and I don’t blame you), he’s the editor-in-chief of a blog nobody reads and a weekly online opinion columnist for a pathetic newspaper in decline.  Despite his irrelevance, I think it’s important to point out his [...]

John Hawkins’ 7 Blogger Tips Are Right On the Money, Now Here are 3 More for a Top 10

My friend John Hawkins has a smart post today with suggestions for how to succeed in blogging. Here are his first 3 tips:
#1) Network: Blogging IS NOT just a good old boys club, but that doesn’t mean networking doesn’t help. If someone is deciding whether to link your article or a similar article, liking you [...]

Feminist Hawks Spread Wings Into Podcasts

So, I started doing a weekly podcast with Caleb Howe of RedState called The Needle. If politics were drugs, this show would be the needle!
Episode 2 aired today and we cover topics discussed here at NewsReal, particularly in The Feminist Hawk’s Nest:
Wherein Lori Ziganto and Caleb Howe make their triumphant return for episode two! [...]

Pope Gore’s Fallibility Is Too Much for Eco-Cultists to Handle

I’m not a fan of sex-scandal speculation.  Bringing salacious charges against a public figure is an easy path to major media attention (“The Washington Post reported last week that [accuser Molly] Hagerty was looking for $1 million to tell her sordid story”), and such accusations don’t tell us anything meaningful about the accused unless we [...]

The Elena Kagan Enigma: What to think of New York Times’ Doubts?

Elena Kagan, President Obama’s choice to succeed Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court, has been playing coy during her Senate confirmation hearings.   Contrary to her call in a 1995 article for judicial nominees to be more forthcoming about their views, she has been hiding behind the usual smokescreen of avoiding answering any questions [...]

NRB Film Review: “Restrepo” Tells the Truth About our Heroic Soldiers

Outpost (“OP”) Restrepo. Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan. 2008. A film still from the documentary RESTREPO by Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger. Image © Outpost Films
“Restrepo,” a feature-length documentary, is as exciting and suspenseful as any summer blockbuster out there. More than that, it’s important that it be seen. The film follows a platoon of [...]

Ann Coulter ‘could not be reached immediately for comment’

Yeah, I don’t think that’ll be a problem for long…
Regular readers may recall my coverage of the Ann Coulter Riot in Ottawa a few months back. (I know: we’re having so many riots up here lately, Canada’s poised to lose its Most Boring Nation Triple-A status.) In case you’ve forgotten what happened when Ann Coulter [...]

Irony: Global Warming True Believer Sheryl Crow Trashes Tea Parties as “Uneducated”

Saul Alinsky advised his fellow radicals to “deride [the] enemy and dismiss him as someone unworthy of being taken seriously because he is either intellectually deficient or morally bankrupt.” This tactic often manifests in blanket assertions reliant more on volume and repetition than evidence.
Though I doubt singer Sheryl Crow reads Alinsky, she certainly wields his [...]