David Horowitz on General McChrystal, Barack Obama, and the War Against the Jews

Obama and the War Against the Jews


How the White House turned its back on Israel, courted its enemies, and undermined its security.

Doubling Down on Disaster


Will the Obama administration force the gulf to drown in unemployment as well as in oil?

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Prisoners of Yuri Andropov


How the godfather of Russia’s new era of deception still holds the West’s psyche in Soviet chains.

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Ghetto Racism


Why does our culture avert its eyes from the Asians brutalized by blacks and Hispanics in the inner-cities of America?

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Wikipedia, an Islamist Hornet’s Nest


Why is the world’s largest online encyclopedia disseminating jihadist propaganda?

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Islam vs. Women’s Breasts


In Tehran, even the mannequins aren’t safe.

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Getting America Off the Trough


Will conservatives have the fortitude to reinstitute fiscal sanity?

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The Coming Immigration Show Trial


Mexico and the feds confirm plans to sue Arizona over SB 1070.

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Obama’s Vast Network of Radicals, Leftists, and Communists


Discover The Networks shows, in painstaking detail, Barack Obama’s close connections to a stunning array of anti-American, anti-capitalist radicals who, like the President himself, seek to transform the United States into a society bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the founders’ vision.