Shooting The Messenger


Leftist rabbis attack Charles Jacobs for pointing out the Islamic radicals in their midst.

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Hellhound on His Trail


A new book brings the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. to life in stunning detail.

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Arms Liberty at Last


Guns: Not just for criminals anymore.

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Talking About Rush Limbaugh’s Personal Life With Zev Chafets

Zev Chafets is the author of Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One. Chafets wrote the book with Limbaugh’s cooperation and it gave him a fascinating window into Limbaugh’s world. So, as someone who has been a Rush fan since college, I was really looking forward to talking to Chafets.
What follows is a slightly edited version [...]

Jon Stewart: Obama’s Lost His Mojo

David “I Like to Point With My Thumb” Axelrod was on The Daily Show last night where he talked (…and talked and talked) with little interruption from Jon Stewart. I guess the rules are different when a Republican or conservative is on. Anyway, Stewart made an observation that tells us a lot about the personal [...]

Fascist Feminism: The Idea That Women Are Too Stupid To Think For Themselves

Amanda Marcotte
About a month ago, Sarah Palin had the gall to describe herself as a feminist. Then, a crop of Republican women rose to prominence — most notably, Nikki Haley, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, and Sharron Angle — by winning primaries across the country. Nikki Haley in particular, an Indian-American Christian conservative Republican [...]

Leftist Media Distorts Abortion Comments Of Harry Reid Rival Sharron Angle

Left-wing media makes false claims and distortions about Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s views on abortion to help keep Harry Reid in office.

Sugar Stalinists Eager to Build Fast Food Gulags in Obama’s First Term

Now the food police want to send fast food patrons and purveyors to reeducation camps in San Francisco.  OK, not really.  But if you eat fast food, they do want to stigmatize you, tax you, and reeducate you.  Just ask MeMe Roth, founder of  National Action Against Obesity, and others on the Left who are [...]

On Obama’s Hatred of Guns, John Avlon Should Leave Mythbusting to the Experts

While many lefties will react to yesterday’s judicial victory for the Second Amendment with scorn for the Supreme Court and wailing about how scary guns are, John Avlon has decided to take a different approach.  Today on the Daily Beast, he takes the decision as a sure sign that gun owners have nothing to fear [...]

Sophie Scholl’s Battle of Everyman: Saving the World One Conscience at a Time

On June 26th, NRB Editor, David Swindle penned his much anticipated review of Marc Rothemund’s exquisite Sophie Scholl: The Final Days.  Mr. Swindle shared his thoughts:
“The other night April and I watched the 2005 German film “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days.” With the tension of a thriller, the Academy Award-nominee chronicles the arrest, interrogation, show [...]