“The Fight is Far From Over”


While Judge Susan Bolton punctures Arizona’s immigration law, Gov. Brewer professes the people will prevail.

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WikiLeaks Hits Obama Where It Hurts


Why the leaked Afghan war documents will prove politically devastating to the President.

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The Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign against Racism


A monument of a 20th century hero becomes the symbol of a new campaign against Jew-hate and Islamo-Fascism.

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Putin’s War on Israel


How Russia arms Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorists with some of its most deadly weapons.

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Making America Sick


How the overbearing nanny state is destroying the nation’s health.

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Praying Against Arizona


The Religious Left twists scripture to advance the open-borders agenda.

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Rangel’s Day of Reckoning


Will Rangle’s runaway corruption cost Obama and the Democrats this fall?

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The Founder of WikiLeaks and His Secret Life


The champion of “transparency” has a long history of crime and immature self-absorption.

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Obama’s Lack of Disclosure


The Left’s effort to curb political speech with the hypocritical DISCLOSE Act has been shut down, but for how long?

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The Freedom Center’s New TV Ad on Obama and Israel


If you think America is headed in the wrong direction, get involved.