Julian Assange of Wikileaks Has Been Living In The Matrix

It looks like Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, believes he is Neo from the Matrix. He has been living in the Matrix as a computer hacker and now has found fame as the guy who leaked thousands of classified DOD documents. These documents show troop movements, enemy intelligence, and targeting information. They also have information that [...]

Leftists: Old Pros at Racial Projection

Today we’ve got two examples of the Left doing what they do best: smearing conservatives as race-baiters. Like ol’ Wolverine pictured above, they’ve had many years of practice at it, and it’s not very nice.
First up is News Hounds, which accuses Sean Hannity of trying to pressure Michelle Malkin into “suggesting Obama’s a racist”:
Hannity’s racialized [...]

The World’s Funniest Klavan on the Culture Bloopers

Paul Ryan Explains Conservative Economic Theory To Ezra Klein

When I saw that Paul Ryan was doing an interview with far left-winger Ezra Klein at the WAPO, I wasn’t wild about the idea because Klein is a diehard partisan. However, I think Ryan did an excellent job of explaining conservative ideas about the economy in the interview.
Ezra Klein: It’s clear now that there’ll be [...]

Is Capitalism Natural? (Videos 2 and 3 of NRB Dialogue with Howard Bloom)

Click here for the video of part 1 of this interview.
Click here for my FrontPage Magazine review of this and the author’s other books.
Today I’m offering parts 2 and 3 of my dialogue with author Howard Bloom. In these clips Howard takes us far back to the origins of life on this planet to show [...]

Obama on “The View”: No, I Don’t Want to Relate to My President

Last night, Jon Stewart was talking about how President Obama was being criticized for going on The View instead of speaking to the Boy Scouts. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to agree with Stewart—this “controversy” seems more like pundits having nothing to talk about than a genuine controversy. But my criticism of his appearance isn’t [...]

Another Memorial To Jihad?

Photo credit Zombietime
Not content with making Ground Zero a symbol of Islamic triumphalism with a 13-15 story Cordoba House mosque, plans are in the works to memorialize the sacred ground of the crash site of Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA.
For a memorial, I can imagine something with park benches, maybe a reflecting pool, the names [...]

Catholic Bishops Cite Vatican II in Response to Charges of Marxism

On July 24, I wrote here at NRB about Bishop Olmsted and CCHD funding opposition to the Arizona Immigration Law and posted the link to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Facebook page. For four full days, while it remained on the page, this story prompted quite a lot of civil discussion and [...]

A Tea Party Masquerade Ball in Michigan?

Elections are coming up, and it looks like some Michigan Democrats like to start the season off with a masquerade ball. Apparently lacking confidence that they can win on their own failed policies, it appears that the latest approach is to trick the people into thinking they are getting a traditional Tea Party candidate who stands for [...]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2, CBC 0

People still talk about the time freedom fighter Ayaan Hirsi Ali crushed insufferable leftist TV host Avi Lewis on a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) broadcast. In case you’ve forgotten (or just want to relive the thrill), here’s a taste:
Then Lewis asked Hirsi Ali for her “critique against Islam.” Ali, the epitome of poised, calmly responded [...]