American Al-Qaeda


How did Samir Khan board a flight to Yemen?

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Why the Left Hates Conservatives


And why the Obama administration forbids the use of the term “Islamic terror.”

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Iran’s Proxy Powder Keg


An emboldened and empowered Hezbollah sharpens its fangs.

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The Freedom Center’s New TV Ad on Obama and Israel

Victory for Academic Freedom: ‘Human Heredity’ Professor Receives $100,000 Settlement

A professor fired for her views is finally vindicated in court.

Why WikiLeaks Will Fail


How an antiwar website’s release of classified military documents helps strengthen the case for the war in Afghanistan.

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Obamacare’s Negative Prognosis


Enjoy your quality health care while it lasts.

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Obama’s War on the West


Sacrificing western states on the altar of eco-radicalism.

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In Search of a Terrorist


Locating Adnan Shukrijumah, a leader of al-Qaeda, may depend on those closest to him.

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Obama’s Dangerous Expedition


The administration’s debt commission unleashes a new path of destruction.

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