Israel’s Enduring Strength


A new Gallup poll reveals an intriguing tale about the happiness of Israelis.

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The Madness of Gaddafi


Libya’s unstable leader reveals his ruthlessness at an international conference.

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The Tax Man Faces the Tax Cheat — In the Mirror


Charles Rangel has been in Congress for four decades. Until recently, he chaired the powerful Ways and Means Committee, the chief tax-writing panel in the House of Representatives. And now, House investigators have charged him with 13 ethics violations including failure to report (and pay taxes on) $75,000 in rental income plus at least  a half-million […]

‘Tabloid Journalism’: the Last Charge of a Journolist and His Apologists

The Journolisters and their apologists charge Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller with practicing “tabloid journalism.” They mean by this that Carlson has withheld information from readers and taken snippets of information out of context to “sensationalize the narrative.” But the Journolisters and their apologists offer no reason — and no evidence — to believe this predictable and self-serving charge. In fact, the fact that the Journolisters discontinued Journolist is prima facie proof that they knew the entire venture was inherently corrupt and wrong.

Brutality in Cameroon: The Barbaric Practice of Breast Ironing

Little girls in Cameroon are being betrayed by their own mothers.  Using piping hot stones, women “iron” their pubescent daughters’ breasts to destroy any visible sign of budding womanhood.  Some of the victims of this torture are as young as nine.
The scars are horrific.
Women say it is love that drives them to brutalize their daughters [...]

Minute 16 Of Her 15 Minutes Of Fame: Shirley Sherrod To File Nuisance Lawsuit Against Andrew Breitbart

Shirley Sherrod, who seems to spend most of her time accusing everyone who doesn’t agree with her of being racist, is going to try to sue Andrew Breitbart,
Ousted USDA employee Shirley Sherrod says she will sue conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, the Associated Press reports. Sherrod made the announcement Thursday in San [...]

Obama Calls Black People a “Mixed Up” Bunch of “Mongrels”

The race-carding president has created an entire new category for black-skinned people to check off when filling out paperwork: Obama claims “most” black Americans are not minorities, they are dogs.
The left, who feels Obama, has not infused enough racial politics into his policies, should be thrilled he has found a new breed of race to [...]

Smarmy Sanchez, Part 12: Ann Coulter Blasts Rick Sanchez in Debate

CNN’s Rick Sanchez tries to battle Ann Coulter on live TV and goes down for the count.

Jon Stewart Makes Charlie Rangel Wet Himself

Jon Stewart covered three cases of unethical behavior by Democratic politicians that are in the news right now: Senator John Kerry parking his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid taxes; Charlie Rangel’s many ethics violations and attitude of entitlement in refusing to answer a young reporter’s tough question; and former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, whose [...]

Chelsea Welcomes Father-in-Law ‘Fast Talkin Eddie’ To Lavish Wedding

New bride Chelsea Clinton would do well to keep a close eye on her millions after she marries Marc Mezvinsky this weekend.
Of course, Marc’s not responsible for the sins of his father, Ed “Fast Talkin Eddie’ Mezvinsky, who according to the FBI investigators was a “one-man crime wave” for over 20 years. And like a [...]