Islamophobia-noun-The tendency to disagree with leftism

What is “Islamophobia”? If recent usage of the term is any indication of its definition, “Islamophobia” means something similar to the popular usage of “fascist” or “racist”—that is to say, it has no meaning. I’d like to quote just some recent examples from vaunted media sources. Mind you, these constitute a very small sampling of [...]

Your Tax Dollars Not At Work—5 Ways the Stimulus Has Cost Jobs

Layoffs are everywhere, in every state, in every industry. From NASA to the Department of Defense, to the Gulf moratorium on drilling, Obama himself is personally responsible for tens of thousands of jobs lost. Going the tried and true method of allowing the marketplace to correct the economy wouldn’t give the savior Obama the limelight he [...]

Glenn Beck’s Rally

DC Rally

There’s a new reason for the talk show host to top leftist hate lists.

Obama’s Human Rights Disgrace


The administration sets up America to be judged by some of the most vicious despotisms of all.

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To Build a Mosque


Why the “they can build it anywhere else” argument may, in the long run, prove to be a serious strategic mistake.

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Looking for Islamophobia in all the Wrong Places


The Left reacts to the stabbing of a NYC Muslim cabbie with its usual wish-fulfilling fantasies.

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A Giant of Jewish History


Commemorating the 70th anniversary of Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky’s death.

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Sacrificing Future Generations


The rotten seeds of the handout culture.

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Bad Faith at Ground Zero


Pat Condell’s new hard-hitting video on the stunt Islam is trying to pull off in America.

The Ever-Growing Government: Just Another Long Day’s Journey Into Night?

In the wake of the successful Tea Party rally in DC, small(er) government proponents can be forgiven for a sense of heightened optimism about the future. While the Glenn Beck rally was light on politics, its audience knew why they were there. But halting, let alone reversing, the massive federal and state bureaucracies will require enormous [...]