The Left’s Smoking Guns Of “Hate” And “Islamophobia” Fire Blanks

I’ve always been a little dismayed that, with all the talent that they presumably have on their side, the Left can’t come up with anything better to pin on conservatives than the predictable epithets they usually trot out. “Racist! Bigot! Hateful!” They just can’t seem to come up with anything better. Even their latest hit, [...]

Barack Obama: Smearing America Worldwide

Apparently having an honest bone in your body, a slice of human decency, or an ounce of shame are disqualifiers if you want a job at the White House. Just look at the sickening, anti-American toadying they’re engaged in now Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer demanded Friday that a reference to the state’s controversial immigration law be [...]

Catholic Leftist Claims Glenn Beck Is Marxist

The heat is on and the Catholic Left is feeling it. As America’s Catholic faithful express outrage over Church funding of anti-capitalist Marxist activity, what could the Catholic Left possibly do to save their political skins? Call Glenn Beck a Marxist, of course! Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter (NCR) blogger and author of Left at [...]

Is Pat Tillman Film Just Left Wing Propaganda?

The Tillman family appears in the film about their son Patrick’s tragic death by friendly fire, and the military’s cover up of the incident. Is the film just another left wing propaganda tool?

Dishonored: The Real Racist Face of the Anti-Beck Left Exposed

YouTube user praterpost produced a fantastic video featuring tweets written by leftists during and after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally last Sunday in Washington DC. It is a must watch for those who have yet to come to grips with the true nature of the Left, and the tactics it uses to destroy all those [...]

Bernanke Might Have a Bailout Button, But The Economy Does Not Have a Steering Wheel

It’s comforting to think of the economy as a high-powered race car, zooming in and out of turns and accelerating on the straightaway.  The analogy is comforting, in part, because it gives the impression that a master technician is in control of the economy.  And, even better, the driver has a pit crew standing by [...]

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Glenn Beck and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Contrarian African American cultural critic Jam Donaldson tends a blog with the marvelously scolding moniker, “‘Conversate’ is Not a Word.” I’m eager to add, “And ‘disrespect’ is not a verb.” Sometime around ten years ago, “He disrespected me” became the new “He looked at me funny.” We’ve all read those depressing news stories about another [...]

Earth Certificate

It’s not only “birthers” who bring up Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate these days, Obama himself did so yesterday, in order to lump in the 24% of Americans who think Obama is a Muslim with the “birthers” movement, in what I think could be the first labeling of the “faithers” movement. It was in answer to a question by Brian Williams [...]

Thomas Perez: Obama Appointee Sees U.S. As Land of Discrimination

Thomas Perez

Thomas Perez, President Obama’s assistant attorney general for Civil Rights, sees America as a nation replete with racism and discrimination. He has helped lead the fight against Arizona’s recently passed anti-illegal immigration bill. And he was a key force behind the Justice Department’s decision to dismiss its case against two Philadelphia-based members of the New Black Panther Party who had […]

Catholic Charities to Honor Obamacare Abortion Sellouts

Holy Facepalm! What’s this??? Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) has announced that the Catholic Health Association (CHA), which sold out to the Obama Administration on pro-abortion Cabinet picks and taxpayer funded abortion in Obamacare, will receive CCUSA’s Centennial Medal in September.  A medal??? For blatant disobedience??? With the honor, CCUSA seems to be giving a stamp of approval to CHA‘s [...]