The Left’s Peretz Problem


The forces of political correctness try to silence a critic of radical Islam.

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Senate to Obama: Respect Israel


The president’s on notice.

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Family of Shadows


A new investigative memoir explores a century of murder, memory, and the Armenian-American Dream.

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Infecting Iran’s Nuke Program


Sophisticated virus is used to hijack nuclear-related computers.

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Britain’s Holocaust Secrets Revealed


The silence is broken over the U.K. government’s assault on Jews fleeing Hitler’s death camps.

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What the Media Missed at the U.N. Summit


Obama’s policy toward Israel received rave reviews — from the head of the Islamic bloc.

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Patty Murray: Democratic Dummy


The dim-witted senator who thinks Osama bin Laden isn’t such a bad guy.

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Hope Dawns in Afghanistan


New tactics and fresh American troops may finally turn the tide.

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The Mullahs’ Murder of Americans


Michael Ledeen sheds light on how Iran kills our troops – and why nothing is said or done about it.

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The Democrats’ Desperation


Will a last ditch litany of negative campaign ads and pep rallies save the Left in November?

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