Ehr Kumt (He is Coming)


Islam and the West — will we have the moral clarity to fight?

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Heavy Metal Revolution for Iran


The rebellion that the Islamic Republic can’t tolerate, yet can’t stop.

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The Left’s Accusatory Finger


When will we see the media criticism of Christine O’Donnell directed toward leftists who make grossly stupid statements?

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Department of Injustice


DOJ official Christopher Coates exposes the department’s racist policy: if you’re white you can’t be right.

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Peace or No Peace?


The Israeli-Palestinian “peace” talks hang by a thread.

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The Democrats’ Deficit Blame Game


Are Republicans and the Tea Partiers really proposing to raise the deficit?

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When the Laughter in China Died


Peking’s vicious purge against humor destroys beloved comedian Guo Degang.

A Field Trip to the Mega-Mosque


The only religious education Boston public schools aren’t reluctant to fund.

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Obama’s Outlaw Romance


The president uses his annual U.N. visit to coddle jihadists and despotic regimes.

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Africa’s New “King Of Kings”


Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi adopts a new title to unite the continent under his rule.

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