HomoCon Aftermath: Joseph Farah Owes Ann Coulter a Major Apology

When Ann Coulter got condemned as an ideological traitor by World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah for agreeing to speak to gay conservative group GOProud, some of NewsRealBlog’s commenters took Farah’s side, somehow convinced that daring to headline a homosexual event meant Coulter no longer took her faith or her principles seriously. As I said [...]

Unrepentant Terrorist Ayers Denied “Emeritus” Status; University Book Sales Unaffected

One of the more comforting aspects of the major religions is the belief that there is justice in the hereafter and the wicked are ultimately punished.  One of the reasons why so many people are willing to risk everything to come to the United States is the belief that we have a system of justice that is fair [...]

“C.S.I.” Premiere Exploits Justin Bieber to Target Tea Party, Says Breitbart

CBS exploited teen heartthrob Justin Bieber in its CSI season premiere last Friday in order to smear the Tea Party movement. So concluded Andrew Breitbart and others in the hubbub which followed: Bieber plays “a domestic terrorist with Tea Party leanings” involved in a conspiracy to bomb the funeral of a police officer. This is [...]

Will the front-line guardians of our liberty be sent to the back of the line on Election Day?

Kudos to Congress for passing the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) to remedy whatever apathetic sloppiness forced 17,000 military voters to step aside for identity thieves, felons, and illegal aliens in the 2008 election – to the eternal gratitude, I’m sure, of Senator Al Franken of Minnesota. However, the jury is out until [...]

Bernie Goldberg: “Media Justice” Crusader?

Bernie Goldberg can be clever, observant and he certainly knows the business, but sometimes things will come out of his mouth that make you go “Huh????” Last night on Bill O’Reilly was one of those big “Huh” moments for me, when Goldberg reacted to Fox’ dominating numbers in the latest Politico poll with his suggestions [...]

Since When Does Being Made a Fool of Constitute Rape?

Woman in Canada meets man on Internet dating site– a self-described bachelor looking for a long term relationship.  They fall in ‘love’, hit the sack and now she’s crying rape: In the moment, the sex felt consensual — welcomed even. In retrospect though, Minki Basu believes she was violated, her consent allegedly negated by a [...]

Fiscal Conservatism With an Attitude: Top 5 of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Showing Progressives His Teeth (1)

In little to no time, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has become one of the most beloved and admired conservatives in the country. Christie, a son of an Irish father and a Sicilian mother, has a simple approach to politics: he’s always honest, afraid of no one, and speaks truth to power. If some people don’t [...]

Adopt a Dissenting Book: Thomas Sowell’s “Conquests and Cultures: An International History”

The Freedom Center’s new campus campaign will aid students in encouraging their professors to adopt books into their classes which express ideas that are often neglected in today’s academia. To download the student guide click here. Sign the petition to adopt a dissenting book here. To read David Horowitz’s speech about the campaign click here. At NRB we’ll [...]

Hope Dawns in Afghanistan


New tactics and fresh American troops may finally turn the tide.

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The Mullahs’ Murder of Americans


Michael Ledeen sheds light on how Iran kills our troops – and why nothing is said or done about it.

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