“Nobody’s Gonna Touch Israel”: NRB Interviews Ron Paul

We caught up with Congressman Ron Paul after his speech at the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit in Phoenix over the weekend. One of the themes of that speech was that America cannot impose democracy upon the rest of the world. However, unaddressed was whether America ought to protect allies who are free and wish to remain so. Here was our follow-up with the congressman.

UCLA’s Palestine Awareness Week: Students for the Extermination of Israel

The author paid a visit to the UCLA campus last week to cover the Muslim Student Association’s Palestine Awareness Week. He came away with the experiential knowledge that our premiere public universities are aiding and abetting Islamist jihad and the global neo-communist campaign for the extermination of Israel.

J Street Crowd Gives Call for Revolution in Israel a Standing Ovation

J Street audience applauds call for revolution in Israel.

J’Accuse: The New York Times Promotes Muslim Brotherhood Lies, Covering Up For Nazi Collaborators

Recently, Tariq Ramadan, considered by the Western intelligentsia to be the very epitome of enlightened Islamism, wrote a New York Times op-ed in which he was not only allowed–among other total lies–to deny that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and his grandfather, who then led the group, were Nazi collaborators before, during, and even after World War Two. In fact, he dares claim–because he knows the mainstream media will not expose this lie–that the Muslim Brotherhood was an anti-fascist organization!

A Psychiatric Conference on Truthful Girl


As the Center’s “Wall of Lies” Campaign heats up, Frontpage revisits Jumanah Albahri’s lust to exterminate Jews.

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The Left’s Converging Political Misjudgments: Communism and Radical Islam


The dark history that explains progressives’ sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood.

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The UN, Obama Finally Act Against Qaddafi


The administration lags embarrassingly behind the United Nations — and abandons leadership.

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The Battle of Wisconsin Rages On


Labor leader Richard Trumka gives the nod of approval to the violent, hateful rhetoric in Madison.

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Return of the (Genocidal) Native


Hitler is one “infidel” Egypt’s Qaradawi applauds.

Democracy vs. Liberty


Understanding the politics of mob rule is more important than ever.

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