Force Obama Not to Vote Present


The president is trying to get off easy for his spending addiction — the Congress shouldn’t let him.

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Banging the Drum for Eternal Deficit Spending


The George Soros-funded Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI) believes that the federal government should “increase its deficit [spending] in times of economic distress in order to create jobs … and stimulate economic growth.” Thus, in 2009 the Institute embraced the $787 billion stimulus bill signed into law by Barack Obama, lauding the President as nothing […]

Fort Hood II Foiled


Awlaki inspires another homegrown terror plot.

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A House Divided


Conflicted GOP puts dramatic stop to Boehner’s debt ceiling plan.

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Terrorism Against Israel More Justified Than Terrorism Against Norway?


Ahistorical bigotry from a Norwegian ambassador.

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‘Sharia-Controlled Zones’ Sweep UK


One has to wonder about the timing.

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Ann Coulter, Exorcist


The bestselling polemicist exposes the demons of the Left.

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The Tourism Package for Leftists Who Hate Israel


Outraged Protest Tours plans to offer angry entitled brats a choice of three tour packages in Israel.

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Palestinian Authority Funding and Glorification of Terrorists


….And U.S. funding of the Palestinian Authority.

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Lessons from ‘The Haj’


What the bestselling book can teach the Western mind today.

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