Iranian Navy Coming to a Shore Near You?


Why the Islamic Republic’s vow to send ships to the Atlantic Ocean should not be taken lightly.

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The Book of Life


Two new books help in the search for meaning during this annual season of repentance and renewal.

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Obamacare’s Next Step: Supreme Court


A politically savvy maneuver or miscalculation?

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Inside Kim Jong Il’s Death Camps


Generations of “political offenders” are believed to be captives in a horrific network of gulags.

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Our White House Bully Problem


The Chicago bully in victim’s clothing…the mask is wearing thin.

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A Lesson in Good Science for Global Warming Faithful


Ground-breaking research demonstrates why the notion of “settled science” has no place in rational inquiry.

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Congressman Blasts Media for Sudan Apathy


Networks that swooned over Arab Spring ignore Sudan’s fight for freedom.

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Iran’s Secret War

A woman passes a poster of the Khomeini and revolutionary guards, Iran.

Proxy warfare throughout the Middle East.

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How to Cut $1 Trillion


Spending cuts that should be supported by the Left and Right.

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Anti-Capitalist Rally in DC Just 9 Days Away


The newly formed “October 2011″ movement will stage its kickoff rally in DC next Thursday. Calling on the U.S. government to end all economic policies “which foster a wealth divide,” this organization vehemently opposes federal spending cuts — favoring instead massive government expenditures for the purpose of “creating jobs.”