The Persecution of Pakistan’s Christians


Terrorizing the “People of the Book” has become big business for the resurgent Taliban.

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Founding National Myths


Fabricating Palestinian history.

In G-D We Trust, Not the Media


Lessons for Israel and the Jewish people.

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Shining Light on the Darkness — on The Glazov Gang

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Nonie Darwish, Eric Allen Bell and Dr. Nancy Bonus open up about what motivates them to fight for American liberty.

Supreme Decision: The Best Possible Result for 2012

Politically speaking there couldn’t have been a better Supreme Court decision

The Contemptible Eric Holder


What happens next after the congressional contempt vote against the attorney general.

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David Horowitz Discusses ‘The New Leviathan’ at the Wednesday Morning Club


The Freedom Center’s president exposes the gigantic battle America faces against the Left’s financial juggernaut.

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The Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood Coalition


British spy chief warns of one of the most dangerous fruits of the Arab Spring.

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Drawing the Line Against Jihad


The Infidel takes the fight to those who had a good day on 9/11.

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The Cult of Obama

Barack Obama campaigns in Austin Texas

The end of a religion.

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