Mother of Murderer of 3 Israel Teens: “I Raised My Children on the Knees of Islam”

The killers

“Their goal is to bring the victory of Islam”

After Murder of 3 Boys, Obama Urges Israel Not to “Destabilize” Situation


If Obama had a single decent bone in his body, he would have ended funding for Hamas.

Muslims Stone Ambulance Carrying Bodies of 3 Teens Murdered by Hamas


Utter and total hatred in life and death.

Anti-Israel Figures in US Justify Murder of Israeli Teens

“Sorry, I got no tears left for the occupiers”

Murdered Bodies of Israeli/American Teens Kidnapped by Hamas Found

Obama where is your support now

Will Obama finally stop funding Hamas now?

“DREAMers” Protest on Capitol Hill


United We Dream protesters sing We Shall Overcome as they picket outside congressional offices, demanding that Congress pressure President Obama to expand the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program.

Supreme Court Rules Chicago Unions Can’t Collect Union Dues from Parents Taking Care of their Disabled Kids


Paying dues to a union should not be a condition of receiving help to care for a loved one.

Hobby Lobby: Religious Freedom Wins, ObamaCare Loses


“Americans don’t have to surrender their freedom when they open a family business.”

Bolivian Leftists Announce “Decolonization Plan” to Make Clocks Run Backwards


That’s fitting for a backward leader of a backward country.

Radio Host Banned for Saying Mohammed Married a 6-Year-Old: “You Can’t Call a Deity a Pedophile”

child poverty

“I think it’s wrong for a man in his 50s to have sex with a 9 year old child.”