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Chris Matthews Still Claiming Benghazi Attack was a Spontaneous Movie Review


If Chris Matthews put on a uniform, he could be Baghdad Bob.

Fixing the News


The news media isn’t broken — it’s biased.

The Arab Spring Killed the Left’s Foreign Policy


Blaming America for the Middle East no longer works.

Top Dem Senator Shoots Down New York Times Benghazi YouTube Hoax


Feinstein said the New York Times investigation into the Benghazi attack is wrong.

Killing the 1% Golden Goose

NYC Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio Campaigns In Brooklyn

Why class warfare has no future.

Benghazi: New York Times vs US Intel Officials

from Doug Ross at Director Blue

Benghazi attackers included Ansar al-Shariah and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Detroit’s Present, America’s Future


Why the country is headed for the same dem-designed disaster.

Congressional Black Caucus Member Shocked to Discover Farrakhan Speech He Was Nodding to was Anti-Semitic and Racist


“Genetically, you are inferior. … We can wipe you off the Earth just cohabiting with you and that’s why your population is going down.”

Christianity, Islam, and Atheism


With a spiritual vacuum brewing, who will win the struggle for the soul of the West?

Toxic Government by Democrats: Detroit


Minorities and the poor have suffered the most under decades of progressive rule.