The 'You Didn’t Build That' Party

A 5-second guide to job creation by Hillary Clinton.

Clinton_CoakleyAt a campaign rally in Massachusetts, Hillary Clinton did her best to prove that she could out-Warren Warren by declaring, “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

If the organizations that actually hire and pay workers don’t create jobs, who does?

Some leftists say that if you leave a glass of milk and a plate of cookies out on the table overnight along with a neatly spaced resume on recycled paper, elves will sneak in and create a job for you.

“You know that old theory, ‘trickle-down economics,’” Hillary smirked. “That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.”

Speaking of things that have failed rather spectacularly, aside from Hillary’s time as Secretary of State, her latest memoir or Martha Coakley whose rally was the platform for Hillary’s tripe, there’s the old theory that government central planning creates jobs.

That theory has been tried in the last six years and it has failed rather spectacularly.

It has failed so spectacularly that Martha Coakley once again can’t beat a Republican in Massachusetts. Coakley is claiming that it’s a dead heat when polls show that she’s losing by 9 points. But while Hillary insisted that her husband “brought arithmetic” to Washington (someone had to count rental costs on the Lincoln Bedroom and presidential pardons for international fugitives), leftists are really bad at math.

Their theory failed so miserably that Hillary’s party is about to lose the Senate and no Democratic candidate wants to be seen with her old boss out of fear that his stench of failure will cling to them.

Hillary Clinton is attacking Reagan while campaigning for Carter. She’s having Mondale acid flashbacks. But despite Marx, Obama and Warren, businesses actually do create jobs. Lefty politicians who have never worked for a living while claiming that businesses don’t create jobs… don’t create jobs.

The savviest cattle futures investor in all of Arkansas and former Wal-Mart board member is signaling that she intends to be a member of the Obama/Warren “You didn’t build that” party. And that’s her business. But Hillary Clinton’s only real business was monetizing her political connections.

That’s still the business that she’s in today.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t know how jobs are created because her jobs have always come through her political connections. In Hillary’s world, government really does create jobs. To professional parasites like her, a private sector in which small businesses labor to deliver products or services to their customers without being subsidized by the government doesn’t exist.

A government economy makes sense if you’ve been living all your life in one. If your idea of “work” is going from the Ivy League to political non-profit activism interlinked with the government to law firms interlinked with the government to public office, you naturally think that corruption creates jobs.

Except you don’t call it corruption -- you call it public service.

Hillary Clinton’s current round of public service consists of giving six-figure speeches to corporations, trade industry groups and public universities, some of which just happen to be run by cabinet members from her husband’s old administration.

After stealing as much furniture from the White House as the moving van could carry, the “flat broke” Clintons bought a $1.7 mil colonial mansion in Westchester funded by Terry McAuliffe, the current ridiculously corrupt Governor of Virginia with a long history of mixing bad business with worse politics.

The Clinton-McAuliffe real estate deals go back to the early days of the White House when McAuliffe got an improper $375K payment from Prudential while his DNC picked up $85K in exchange for a government pension agency signing a $187 million lease on a Prudential building.

Who can believe that the corner store creates jobs when you’re looking at profit margins like that?

As McAuliffe once put it, “I've met all of my business contacts through politics. It's all interrelated.”

This is the corrupt ocean that the Clintons swim in. Expecting Hillary to know how jobs are created is like expecting an ex-con to go straight. Crime is all he knows. It’s all that the Clintons, the Obamas and the Warrens know. We are dealing with people who have no concept of how earning a living even works.

Socialism appeals to them on two levels. First it lets them skim as much off the top as they can. Second it makes sense to them because in their experience jobs are created through government contacts. If Americans need jobs, why not just give money to a politically connected green energy company that promises to create a bunch of jobs while outsourcing its business plan to the elves?

Like McAuliffe’s GreenTech, which in true Clinton style involved Hillary Clinton’s brother, dirty Chinese businessmen, an international fugitive, endangering national security, insider lobbying, an SEC investigation, millions in government loans and 2,000 union jobs for Virginia that never materialized.

And those million cars a year that it was supposed to build are nowhere in sight. But that’s how you create jobs in Hillary’s world.

Hillary Clinton thinks that jobs are created by magic elves named Terry McAuliffe in exchange for leaving out large bribes of milk, cookies and graft. And in her world, she’s right. Unfortunately the only people employed by McAuliffe jobs are Terry McAuliffe and assorted Clinton pals.

You can’t run an economy on McAuliffe jobs just like you can’t run one on Mafia jobs.

Corruption is a layer on top of the economy. It’s not the economy. That’s what corrupt politicians like Obama, Clinton and Warren don’t understand.

When central planning wins, everyone outside the Party loses. That’s what happened in the USSR where central planning built an entire economy of mandatory jobs without creating money or anything worth buying with it for anyone except Communist Party members. Most Russians just created their own private enterprises by reselling anything they could find at their jobs on the black market.

The Communist Capitalists of China get along so well with the Communist Capitalists of Chicago because they speak the common language of corruption, fake companies, big bribes and self-righteous ideology. But unlike the USSR, the progressives not only haven’t added money (to anyone except the Party), but they haven’t even created jobs. And unlike the ChiComs, they haven’t built anything either.

The modern leftist believes that wealth is created through debt and jobs through government orders. She knocks millions out of work and if they stay out of work long enough, she declares that the economy has recovered because unemployment is down. She raises the price of food and electricity to save the environment without ever being personally affected. She asserts that the vast diversion of wealth into government, crony corporations and dirty little McAuliffe schemes makes her a patron of the worker.

Businesses don’t create jobs, she thinks. She does. But the only jobs she creates are for the burly men stripping the covers off unsold copies of her memoir and tossing the rest in the trash.

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