Defending Indoctrination as ‘Academic Freedom’


Welcome to the in-class radical rantings of USC’s Dr. Richard Dekmejian.

The Death of Civility — and Free Speech – at Fordham


College Republicans and campus Left collude to keep Ann Coulter from speaking.

Muslim Hate Groups


A new Freedom Center pamphlet sheds light on the dark undercurrent of anti-Semitism which flows unobstructed on our campuses.

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Three Days of Anti-Israel Venom at U Penn


Why won’t the university answer basic questions about the origins of its 2012 “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” conference?

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Anti-Semitism at Hampshire College


Students break their silence on Jew-hatred and bigotry at the ultra-leftist college.

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Freedom Center Re-Releases Pocket Best-Sellers on Kindle


Booklets on the most important issues of our day now available for download.

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Boston U’s Students for Israel Pretends the Campus Anti-Semites Don’t Exist


Rachelle Rubin urges the Freedom Center not to defend Israel on her campus, lest it offend the Arab population.

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Censorship at the Boston University Daily Free Press


The Freedom Center’s “Wall of Lies” ad in defense of Israel doesn’t make the cut.

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Baylor Should Address Imbalanced Curricula in Academia

A Baylor student makes the case for greater intellectual diversity on campus.

Why the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative Was Needed

Arizonans overwhelmingly enacted the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative, which bans state and local discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, and sex in contracting, employment, and education – including racial preferences in university admis…