DNC Final Day: Hope, Promises and Deceptions


A dramatic night of big speeches and fireworks — but little meaning.

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Platform Chaos and Class Warfare at DNC


The Clinton charm offensive falls flat.

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DNC Convention Kicks Off with Debt and Controversy


Democrats on the defensive lash out.

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Mitt Romney’s Night: ‘We Believe in America’


Republican Convention ends with stellar performances from party heavy-hitters.

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Electrified RNC: ‘We Can Do This’


A night of intensely anticipated speakers brings down the house.

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‘We Built It’ Resounds at RNC’s First Night


GOP convention kicks off with guns blazing and a unified message.

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Islamist Participates in Mayoral Swearing-In Ceremony


Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s associate believes Israel is not a country

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Islamist Professor Teaches Lesson in Violence


Florida Atlantic University continues to harbor terrorist-associated criminal, Bassem Alhalabi.

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CAIRing for the Muslim Brotherhood


Ahmed Rehab and his Islamist group attempt to fool everyone about their designs for Egypt.

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CAIRing for Anwar al-Awlaki and Other Targets of Interest


A radical Muslim group works hard to hinder the FBI’s efforts and to support terror.

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