Obama’s Feds: Death to Boston Jihadist


A desperate attempt to save face.

The D’Souza Arrest: Obama Adopts the Stalinist Style


He isn’t killing his political opponents, but he is using state power to hound them.

Harris Zafar and His Straw Man


A case study in how Islamic supremacists dodge real debate and demonize their foes.

English-Language Media Ignores Breivik’s Coming-Out As A Nazi


And his confession of wanting to destroy the counter-jihad movement.

The Grand Mufti’s Sex Tape and Violence in Islam


If Islam is peaceful, why are so many of its leaders brutal and brutalized?

Terror Wave in Russia

Members of the emergency services work at the site of a bomb blast on a trolleybus in Volgograd

They were warned.

The Jihadist Cleansing of Christianity from Muslim Countries

Egyptian Copts are the largest community of Christians left in the Middle East

Why no one cares.

Jihad in Wichita


And still more denial from the Feds.

Spencer and Geller Banned from Britain for Supporting Israel


The disturbing extent of far-Left domination of the Cameron government revealed.

Now the Twelfth Imam Can Come


Iran takes a decisive step toward apocalyptic nuclear catastrophe – courtesy of Barack Obama.