Hack a Bank for Muhammad


How Islamic cyber-attacks make the world more dangerous.

Iran to Sue ‘Argo’


Mullah movie madness.

Hayat Terror Conviction Upheld


Case raises the question: Are civilian or military courts best for prosecuting terrorism?

Untold History of the USSR


The backstory to Oliver Stone’s neo-communist encyclopedia.

Black, Brown and Obama

Attack on family in Compton latest incident in wave of anti-black violence

Why the president and Gov. Jerry Brown are afraid to defend blacks against the most vicious hate crimes.

35 Years in Prison for 166 Dead


American scout for Mumbai terrorist attack gets off light.

Killing by the Dock of the Bay


Why gun-banner Dianne Feinstein once packed a pistol.

Double Standards on Death


The Obama administration’s selectivity on gun violence.

The Luxor Massacre Remembered


A preview of the future of tourism in Egypt.

Would-Be Jihadists Arrested by Los Angeles FBI


“I’d cut all their throats if I ever had the chance.”